Whole Body Cryotherapy

In Whole Body Cryotherapy there is a single-person cryotherapy chamber where the individual’s head is above the cryotherapy unit only exposing the body while allowing eye contact and communication with the person operating the cryo recovery chamber at all times. The individual is only wearing underwear, gloves, and socks with slippers while inside the full body cryotherapy recover chamber. The whole body cryotherapy machine is then cooled to -270 degrees F using a cold gas. The body is never directly in contact with any liquid or the machine which is more tolerable and safe unlike being submerged in an ice bath. The session only lasts 2-3 minutes but within that time frame, the benefits are far greater and more effective opposed to being submerged in an ice bath for 30-45 minutes. In the 2-3 minute session, the cold temperature triggers receptors throughout the body as well as the brain which triggers the release of positive effecting hormones throughout the body, stimulating nerves as well as causing the blood to rush towards to core of the body (ie. heart and vital organs). This in turn causes an increase in circulation throughout the body as well as the release of certain benefiting hormones, stimulating nerves as well as organs. Once the session ends, fresh blood returns throughout the body causing hundreds of benefits.

The main benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy are the following (just to name a few as there are literally hundreds): increase circulation, decrease inflammation, decrease recovery time, increase healing, increase metabolism (burn 500 calories from a single session), spike adrenaline, decrease pain, increase strength of ligaments, tendons and muscle tissue, decrease muscle soreness, decrease stiffness, aide in skin conditions like psoriasis, increase cardiovascular, increase performance, increase general health and many more.  

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