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CryoBath is the premier manufacturer of Whole Body Cryotherapy units worldwide

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We are comprised of the most experienced team of engineers, designers, management and healthcare providers. CryoBath has taken every approach to design, develop and manufacture the most durable, most efficient, most reliable and highest quality units on the market. In addition, we offer a 5 year warranty which is the best in the industry.

Faster Recovery | Reduce Injuries | Increase Performance | Reduce Inflammation | Decrease Pain


WBC has shown to be effective in reducing inflammation. When tissue is exposed to cold temperatures, it causes a decrease in circulation which in turns reduces inflammation in that region.


Pain is the number one reason for seeking treatment. By exposing the skin and/or body to extreme cold temperatures it in turn triggers receptors throughout the body and brain which has been proven to override the sense of pain.


Increasing popularity has been due to its effectiveness in pre- and post-physical activity recovery. Whether you are exercising, working out, performing or have suffered an injury, the effects have shown to increase the body's ability to bounce back quicker.


With all of the stimulating of tissues, sensory organs, the brain as well as the body's reaction to WBC, this modality has been proven to also increase the body's metabolism, burn calories as well as increase healthy processes throughout the body.

Whole Body Cryotherapy has been successful among people looking for Health Benefits, Increasing Quality of Life, Sports & Training Recovery and Many Other Benefits.

Whole Body Cryotherapy has hundreds of documented positive physiological effects on the body that have been proven and documented through studies around the world.  With our units delivering the highest quality sessions, don't waste time or money, just go with the best........ CRYOBATH!

Our mission extends beyond manufacturing the highest quality units on the market.

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CryoBath strives to continue being the worldwide leader in providing the best machines on the market in addition to also being innovators in the industry. We continue each day to expand our network of experts as well as our brand as we are constantly researching and developing improved methods in multiple markets as well as settings and professions.


CryoBath manufacturers each unit with the best parts and materials on the market to assure that our machines are built to last. Upon seeing our machine, its design as well as how it is constructed, you will be convinced how it truly stands above the rest. Our machines and parts are proven and tested to outlast the competition for high usage without the risk of breaking down. This is one of many reasons we are able to offer the industry’s leading 5-year warranty.


Our machines are built and intended for high-usage on a daily basis without breaking down, need for downtime in order to defrost any of the components or facing the risk of the unit’s inability to cool at the required temperature every session all day long. Our team knows the industry not only from a technical standpoint, but a business standpoint as well. When it comes to making your purchase, we know that longevity, on-going costs and repairs are what adds up and that is why we go the extra distance in our approach.


With the engineers and designers we have put together, they have spent years perfecting the technology and have developed the most advanced methods of delivering and circulating the coldest air possible within the cabin. The manner in which our machines, mechanics and software is constructed, this also translates to cooling the cabin quicker, using less nitrogen per session without sacrificing temperatures as well as wasting less nitrogen which all equate to spending less per session.

Clients Include

CryoBath is extremely proud to have sold to, partnered with and/or provided units to as well as maintained relationships with the most diverse and successful clients worldwide. Built on trust and reliability throughout the years, our clients consist of some of the following:

Medical Physicians
Chiropractic Doctors
Physical Therapists
Professional Sports Teams
Personal Trainers
Professional Athletes
Med Spas
Training Facilities
Recovery Lounges
Athletic Organizations
Mobile Cryo Solutions
Cryo Clinics

The choice of LEADERS

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Physical Therapists
Medical Physicians

Quality Matters

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When it comes to buying a quality unit that is reliable and most important, safe, CryoBath units are the leader. We know that when purchasing a unit this is a decision that you want to make sure you are getting the very best in quality, the most reliable for prolonged use as well as providing the highest quality and safest sessions to your clients for years to come. These are all reasons why CryoBath is the top manufacturer worldwide.

Chiropractic Clinics


Athletic Organizations


Gyms & Training Centers


Medical Facilities



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CryoBath has sold machines worldwide to clients that include professional sports teams, professional athletes, training facilities, medical offices, chiropractic clinics, hospitals, gyms, recovery centers, physical therapists and med spas. Our units come standard with many options that other companies would consider an up-grade. In addition to all of the advantages that our units have over others, our customers also have to the liberty of choices additional options such as cabin color, interior color, graphics and many more. Ask one of our specialists for complete details.

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